Xiaomi’s latest update shamelessly copies iOS 15

It is not bad to take ideas from others, but MIUI 13 blatantly copies iOS 15.

Xiaomi has recently presented MIUI 13, its latest update based on Android 12. And once again, the essence of Apple and iOS 15 can be seen in the new user interface of the Chinese brand. It is not the first time that we see this type of “inspiration” in Apple by Xiaomi, and the new system reflects again the mirror in which one of the most important telephone companies in the world looks at itself.

Xiaomi has always viewed Apple and its designs as an inspiration and has never hesitated to copy them if necessary. With MIUI 13 they go one step further, with virtually identical interface elements.

Xiaomi returns to copy Apple

After its official launch, many users have noticed the clear inspiration of Xiaomi in iOS 15. Elements such as the home page, the widgets or the Control Center show a design clearly inspired by iOS 15. Some even nickname this version “iMIUI”, clearly alluding to the iPhone and iOS.

We can see in the screenshots of MIUI 13, that many items are similar to iOS 15 and earlier versions. Something that is especially noticeable is in the widgets, a section that few brands gave importance to until Apple decided to launch its own with a very characteristic design.

miui 13 vs iOS 15

MIUI 13 and iOS 15 home screen

Another of the Similar elements of the interface is the Control Center, which looks practically identical unlike the buttons, which are circular in one case and square in another, but those sliders sound a lot like us.

miui 13 vs ios 15

Of course, Xiaomi cannot deny its clear inspiration in iOS 15 in its new update. It is not bad to take ideas from others, Apple itself does it, but as long as you adapt them to your style. In this case, it doesn’t seem like a simple adaptation, it’s more of a cheeky copy.

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