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Without a doubt, technology makes our lives more comfortable and easier. The problem is that if you want to use it to do evil, it also has great possibilities. A young man has just reminded Elon Musk with a simple demonstration.

Although it sounds like grandfather onion, the cars of the past suffered fewer internal breakdowns for a simple reason: they had much fewer components, ergo there were fewer things that could break.

Over time, vehicles have become super-advanced and technological products, making driving safer, more enjoyable and more efficient. But certain related dangers are also created. And this has been demonstrated by a young man through Twitter.

This week, a teenager has reported that he has gained remote access to 25 Tesla cars in various countries and the worst thing is what he can do with each of these vehicles.

IT security specialist David Columbo, 19, reported in a Twitter thread that he had gained full control of more than 25 Teslas in 13 countries. without their owners knowing.

And while he doesn’t want to reveal exactly how he did it until he reports the vulnerability to the non-profit organization Miter, Columbo has already explained that took advantage of a security flaw on the part of the owners, not a security flaw in Tesla’s software.

Columbo said he could search for the exact location of each car, disable their security, open their doors and windows even while they are driving, play music and YouTube videos at full volume, and much more.

Although the young man cannot drive the cars at a distance, this total access would allow him to steal them if he wanted (or if at least the hacked Teslas were in the same location).

According to US authorities, there is a third Tesla car involved in a fatal traffic accident caused by Autopilot mode.

Tesla’s security team has already told Columbo that they are looking into it to prevent it from happening again in the future, even though it’s not his fault.

Late last year, Tesla recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles sold in the US for trunk lid problems. And this new incident could also affect the development of Tesla’s new self-driving mode, which is still in beta. The future is bright but also dangerous.

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