Accreditation of doctors: Facme responds to Health

Pilar Garrido.

Pilar Garrido, president of the Federation of Spanish Medical Scientific Associations (facme), is “surprised” at the last steps taken by the Ministry of Health, which has offered its own model for accrediting professional skills and intends that professional associations and scientific societies receive more practical learning. “Facme has the capacity for leadership and is backed by societies and the profession, we have a lot of work done in this matter”, he transfers to Medical Writing. “An accreditation model cannot be proposed behind the back of scientific societies as a fundamental actor,” he adds.

“We value very positively that the Ministry is interested in taking up something that scientific societies we have been calling for a long time: to definitively launch the issue of recertification”, admits Garrido, who vindicates the work carried out in this regard by scientific societies and Facme itself, which has put its efforts “in the harmonization of models so that the criteria were common”. “That is why we have been very surprised that the Ministry has two bids and one of them is based on contracting an external service to provide training aimed at professional associations and scientific societies on the Spanish accreditation model,” he laments.

The Federation has already requested an “urgent appointment” from the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, who will be asked to “go hand in hand with the profession” on accreditation issues. “The scientific societies, and Facme on behalf of all of them, have a lot to say on this issue and we have done a lot of work, we believe that it would be a huge waste of opportunity to want to launch a accreditation and recertification model with its back to the profession”, claims Garrido.

Last year, he recalls, a meeting was held with the Ministry to explain that the issue of recertification was a priority for Facme and they wanted to have held a conference on this matter. This appointment, Garrido relates, did not take place because the representatives of the ministry alluded to scheduling problems, so they promised to hold it during the first quarter of 2022. “They know that once our absolute priority was oriented, which was covid and non-covid care, from Facme we wanted to return to essential issues this year such as the training and recertification of doctors, one of the projects for 2022. From the Ministry they were aware of our intentions to return to what we had had to leave aside (for the pandemic)”, emphasizes the president of Facme

Therefore, they do not understand that they have not even been informed of these tenders. “If it had, maybe Facme would have wanted to try to compete in the specifications,” he says.

Organization of health professions

The goal of Ministry of Health, as this medium advanced, is to comply with the law that regulates the organization of health professions, which contemplates, in its article 4.6, the need for health professionals to “regularly accredit their professional skills”. For this, Health will hire an external company to the ministry that will be in charge, as an academy, of “carrying out, managing and coordinating comprehensive training” on the application of the Spanish model of regular accreditation of the competence of health professionals aimed at professional associations and learned societies.

The chosen company must deliver to the General Directorate of Professional Regulation a technical report that details the project carried out and a summary of the project that includes a schedule of the activities and the number of participants for each activity. In addition, you will have to provide the teaching material to the participants.

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