Alicia Machado announces new project in sack and nothing below

After a year 2021 full of successes, Alicia Machado is announcing her new project in which she will visit different countries so that her fans can enjoy her staging in the theater with a new monologue.

After having won The House of the Famous, the reality Show from Telemundo, the famous one is more positive than ever and eager to premiere this monologue that she has already officially announced, it will be called “Yo si soy arrecha” in Latin America and “Yo si soy Kbrona” in Mexico, playing a successful executive who celebrates her promotion and that he achieved everything with his intelligence capacity in the company where he works.

According to your release press is staged is part of his celebration, he will be letting his complexes and experiences flow and they will continue revealing the havoc that his life in drink has caused, of course everything acted to be a “tragic comedy”.

The draft written by Enrique Rooms and the actress will be led by elba escobar, who will be in charge of everything that will happen in scene.

In addition, Alicia is not only presenting in theaters but could be presented in very different spaces, all with the purpose of creating excellent entertainment for her fans.

Alicia Machado / Instagram

Alicia Machado shares this new project with her network followers.

We also saw that she made the announcement with a most flirtatious photograph in which we could appreciate her beauty while she was wearing a white jacket and nothing else underneath, a detail that managed to conquer Internet users.

The show will be arriving very soon, on January 29 it will open its first performance in Houston and on February 5 in New York, February 19 in Miami and in April it will arrive in Puerto Rico.

In Show News we will be sharing all the news about Alicia Machado and this new project, as well as all the important news about the entertainment world.

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