Amazon Prime Video for Android: 9 tips and tricks

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The consumption of streaming series and movies has skyrocketed in recent years, partly due to the good work of Netflix and partly due to the arrival of HBO Max in Spain. In El Androide Libre we analyze the applications of both services to find the 10 things you need to know about HBO Max in Spain and the best tricks to get the most out of your Netflix account.

Now it’s the turn of Amazon Prime Video, a service that is not as valued as it should be, probably because almost everyone uses it thanks to a Prime subscription (although it can be contracted independently).

Buy or rent movies


Unlike most streaming services, Prime Video not only has a fairly large free catalog, but also allows you to rent and buy titles that cannot yet be seen on other platforms, and that are in theaters or have been withdrawn from them recently.

In order to see what content is available under payment we have to go to the second tab, that of the Store, and there select the specific title that we are looking for.

Please note that there are three resolutions (SD, HD and UHD) and they may have different prices.

Watch a movie in sync with friends

One of the most curious features of the application is that we can watch a movie or series with someone who is not in the same location as us.

For this we have to use the option group video, and create a group to which we will invite our friends. A chat will be created to be able to talk while we watch the series or movie, and we can individually change both the language and the subtitles.

Of course, the pause and playback of the content will be common and will be managed by the person who created the group.

This function is available for catalog content and also for purchases and rentals, although in this case the acquisitions must be made individually by each member of the group.

Create a list

A function that is basic in this type of application is to create a list where we can save the content that we want to see later.

This is done in Prime Video by clicking on the option My list What is in each movie or series? We can eliminate the content of said list by clicking on the same button.

To check what we have saved we have to go to the section My space and there to the central column, called My list.

Change avatar image

Something that not all streaming apps allow is changing the photo of our avatar. Prime Video does allow, if we go to My space, click on the icon next to the user’s name and select Edit Profiles. There we click on the one we want to change and select the photo we like.

Of course, we have the option to select from several dozen characters and designs, but we will not be able to upload our own photograph.

download content

To be able to watch series and movies without having to depend on an internet connection, we can use the download. This option is in each content next to the My List and group view buttons.

When we make a download, it asks us for the audio we want to download and also for the quality of the video, to save space if we are short of storage.

Configure data usage

If we don’t have an unlimited data rate and we haven’t downloaded what we want to watch before leaving home, we may want to modify the streaming quality to save GB. This is done in My Space, inside the gear icon in the upper right corner and there inside Playback and download.

We can select if we want to modify the streaming quality, on what type of screen we are going to share the content if we do it by Chromecast, etc.

Change the zoom of a video

Although this is sacrilege for some, we can change the playback ratio of a video, so that it occupies the entire screen. Of course, the content will be cut above and below.

It can be activated in the pause menu, on the icon in the upper right corner with three dots.

Activate X-Ray

X ray

A very useful function of Prime Video is X-Ray, which tells us which actors are currently on screen, allowing us to access a profile for more information. It is activated in the normal playback menu, top left.

Delete a registered device

If we want to stop having access from a specific smartphone, tablet or television, we can cancel its registration from My Space, within the Settings (gear icon) and there in Registered devices.

We locate the one we want to delete and click on the button Unregister that is under your name.

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