Ángela Aguilar asks her followers to convince Pepe Aguilar to lend her his horse | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- Ángela Aguilar at 18 years old has become one of the most important singers of Mexican regional music, where her charisma and beauty have conquered the affection of the public.

A couple of months ago the interpreter of “In Reality” announced that she would do her artistic tour for the first time alone, which will have some dates in the United States with its most recent musical album “Mexicana Enamorada”.

That is why the singer is in rehearsals for her concerts, in which she is surely prepared to surprise her fans, in addition, we must remember that there are also pending dates for the “Jaripeo Sin Fronteras” tour in which she appears next to her father and brother.

It was through his Instagram account that Angela asked her fans to send a message to dad, Pepe Aguilar, to lend her his horse, white with black spots.

I fell in love with this horse. Go tell my dad to lend it to me for Jaripeo” he wrote in the publication.

The Mexican artist shared a scene in which while she was riding, the horse began to dance, surely it is part of the “show” that she is rehearsing and that her “little angels” will soon show.

Until now, Pepe Aguilar has not responded to his daughter’s request, but surely Angela will be in charge of convincing him to be able to fulfill his desire to go out singing next to the beautiful horse.

Will Ángela Aguilar be part of a reality show?

A few days ago, the singer made a dynamic of questions and answers with her followers, who took the opportunity to question her from her personal life to work projects.

One of them asked her if she would be willing to be part of a reality show, to which Ángela He did not rule it out but made it clear that so far he has been a very private person with his personal life.

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