Angelina Jolie talks about Shiloh’s sexuality and puts a stop to the questions

Shiloh, the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has become a beautiful teenager with a Great style.

From before he was born he already gave something to talk about, because he was the first daughter of what was then the most famous couple of the moment.

Then when she was born everyone wanted to have her photo and wanted to know about her, and as it grew more it was giving something to talk about opt for a masculine style.

And is that Shiloh started wearing shirts, baggy pants, ties, and short hair, and his parents supported his decision.

The then girl asked her parents to call her John, and they accepted and so they called it.

“Shiloh has the Montenegrin style. This is how people dress there. He likes tracksuits, he likes suits.” Angelina said back then.

When he got to the 12 years old, it was learned that the teenager would undergo a treatment to change her sex, and look like a boy, something that Angelina supported, but not Brad.

Therefore, according to the media, The actress was the one who accompanied her in the process and was paying for every expense.

“The treatment seeks to put a stop to the feminine sexualization of her physique and guide her towards a masculine gender identity, it is what she wants for the moment”, said the actress.

Angelina Jolie opens up about her daughter Shiloh’s sexuality

But last year Shiloh surprised on the red carpet, where she accompanied her mother to the premiere of The Eternals, and appeared with a female image.

The young woman took dresses, hair in a high bun, with simple makeup, and sneakers, proving that it doesn’t matter what you wear, but what makes you feel comfortable.

And in a recent interview, the famous actress He spoke about his daughter’s sexuality, putting a stop to the questions and criticism.

“Why do they have to pigeonhole everything?” was Angelina’s blunt response to questions about her daughter’s sexuality.

For the actress, the most important thing is that their children are happy, regardless of their sexual preferences, or what they want to be, and that’s what a mother does.

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