Anuel AA shows off for the first time on the networks his new ‘baby girl’ and the luxurious gifts he has given her

If there is someone who has managed to attract attention in recent days, it is Anuel AA. Since he was captured in the Dominican very accompanied by Yailin, the urban singer who is presumed to be his new partner, has not ceased to be in the magnifying glass of entertainmentto.

So far only talkbto rumours. Netizens took on the task of capturing day by day, certain clues in the networks of Anuel and Yailin, who took it for granted that they were together and staying in a luxurious hotel. But this time, the Puerto Rican surprised all his followers and without more or less, he appeared on his Instagram account with his new “little baby”.

Anuel AA

Through his stories, the singer was recorded very close to the Dominican, while listening to music from what appears to be a concert. The video of only seconds was enough for Anuel to show the “attributes” of his new conquest very closely, while showing off the jewelry, necklaces and watch, which he apparently gave him and which would be valued at one hundred thousand dollars. “Here to the world walks minimum 100 thousand above”, wrote the urban music singer in history.

It would not be the first time that Anuel shows off and shows off his luxurious gifts, and for that, on more than one occasion he has been criticized.or by network users. In fact, at Christmas, the singer was harshly questioned about the gift he gave his little son: a watch with many shiny stones. “The Kid doesn’t want that! El Nino wants quality time with daddy!” Some warned him.

For her part, Yailin, Known as ‘the most viral’, she had been showing off the singer’s gifts for a while. Days ago, he was seen on his Instagram account where he has more than 400 thousand followers, wearing an Anuel shirt while entering the hotel pool that has become his love nest and where the days are spending. And this Wednesday night was also shown in his stories with the artist regardless of what they will say.

On previous nights they were also captured by the cameras at one of the concerts that the urban singer gave in the Dominican, and where Anuel was accompanying her in the front row, as he used to do with the ‘Bichota’. The singer’s gestures, his smiles and the way he looked at her, betrayed him before those present and immediately went viral on the networks, as a sign that they were undoubtedly dating.

Another of the signs that intensified the suspicions of the relationship was a simple emoji. Yes! Well, the Dominican began to use the emoji that Anuel always uses, which simulates a demon, as well as appropriated the singer’s phrase: “Royal Until Death”. Meanwhile, the fans believed they detected a possible hint between Karol G and Yailin, which ignited the networks.

The Colombian shared a photo of a book titled “Women who run with wolves”, just one day after Anuel’s supposed new girlfriend published an image that she accompanied with a phrase in which she also mentioned some wolves: “Remember that a silent wolf does more than barking dogs.”

Everything seems to indicate that for Anuel, the story with Karol G is a thing of the past, however, those who do not overcome it are the fans. “Uyyyy nooooo I think I’m staying with Karol”, “Thank God Karol left there” “After he got tired of crying to Karol G so that they would come back he finally gave up”, are some of the messages left on the accounts that have posted these videos.

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