Benedetti stopped enjoying football during his time in America

The Colombian told ESPN that he does not hold a grudge against Santiago Solari and does not consider his time in America a failure

the stage of Nicholas Benedetti with America It was marked by the constant injuries that persecuted him during his time in Coapa, the Colombian experienced difficult times with the azulcremas and exclusively for ESPN confessed that there came a time when he stopped enjoying football.

“Without a doubt, yes (he stopped enjoying himself), not recognizing those parts of football life and saying that everything was fine is lying, obviously there were difficult moments in which there were injuries, he couldn’t play, he had few minutes, there were extra soccer things that obviously hit you and you stop enjoying a moment but these situations are part of life and are part of soccer in general and then if everything were easy everything would be fine, life is like that, you have to fall and then get up and move on,” he explained.

Benedetti has a new opportunity MX League with the Mazatlan FC where he will seek to recover his best level and one day return to the Colombian team.

“I want to leave behind those years in which I did not have much continuity, years in which I could not play for many reasons, today I am being given this opportunity, although nobody is going to give me anything here either and I know that I have to work to the fullest to get those game minutes but I think if I get them and if I’m consistent they’ll see a version of Nicholas Benedetti much more adapted to Mexican soccer, a much more precise version and this will help me make that leap that I want to make towards the Colombian team, I think that Professor Rueda, who is the current coach, has shown that he likes to call players who are fit and that is my goal to be able to be in shape and to be able to compete for a position,” he added.

He doesn’t hold a grudge against Solari

On the other hand, Nico denied that he holds any grudge against Santiago Solari who asked for his departure from the Americanist cadre.

“The truth is that everything ended very well, in the end I spoke with Mister Solari and thanked him because from the outside you can see that everything is wrong because you don’t play but not everything is like that, obviously inside you as a player try to give your best with all the people who cross his path and Solari It was no exception, I always tried to be under the orders of the coach, giving my 100% in each training session, that situation for me is not negotiable and obviously the coach makes his own decisions, but I learned a lot from Solari and his coaching staff and I will be eternally grateful to them as well as to all the coaching staffs I have passed through and they obviously also put that grain of sand in me that will serve me for the future so all is well with him ” , commented the Colombian for ESPN.



The Mazatlán soccer player talks about his time with the eagles and his new destination in Mexican soccer.

His time in America was not a failure

“The truth is that it was not a failure, I arrived at a great institution that opened the doors for me, at first I was able to show my talent and then I had many injuries that reduced me and I lost continuity, but I would never call it a failure because I learned many things as a professional, As a person and that’s what matters, obviously I have a negative feeling that I couldn’t show all my talent but I would never call it a failure.”

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