Bundesliga today: Alphonso Davies suffers from myocarditis, forced to stop training at Bayern Munich | Bundesliga

What happens to soccer players and heart problems is becoming more and more worrying. Since the forced retirement of Sergio Agüero due to an arrhythmia, all clubs review the health of their players in detail and often find surprises.

The worry’s turn is now for the Bayern Munich, which has officially reported an unexpected novelty: the loss of one of its stars.

The own technician Julian Nagelsmann has explained the situation of Alphonso Davis, 21, who has been forced to stop training after it was discovered that he suffers from mild inflammation of the heart.

“(On Thursday), during our follow-up exam that we do with each player who has had Covid-19, we detected signs of myocarditis mild, an inflammation of the heart muscle. He has stopped training for now, so he will not be available to us for the next few weeks.”

He added: “This myocarditis is not too dramatic on the ultrasound, but rather signs of an inflammation. However, it needs to heal and that will certainly take some time.”

It is worth remembering that the young man (21 years old) has not played with Bayern Munich since December 17, after he tested positive for Covid-19. In fact, nine players on the team tested positive after the winter break from the Bundesliga.

Now the concern is for Canada, since it is about the absence of its most outstanding star when there are only 15 days left for a new day of the Concacaf Qualifiers.

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