CESM asks to transfer IT management from asymptomatic to mutuals

The State Confederation of Medical Unions (CESM) has sent, this January 14, a letter to the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, to demand solutions that allow to put an end to the collapse that the first level of care is suffering with “the excessive bureaucratic burden” involved in the management of job registrations and dismissals required by those who are positive for asymptomatic Covid; Among the measures, he claims to transfer the management to Company Medicine or mutuals.

“It is about that, with a correct application of the regulations in matters of management and control of the processes for temporary incapacity (Royal Decree 625/2014, of July 18 and Order ESS/1187/2015, of June 15, by which develops the previous one) the issuance of the sick leave and discharge reports of those positive workers in Covid-19 who do not present symptoms or whose symptoms are very mild but must remain isolated for seven days, is carried out by the doctors of the mutual or occupational risk prevention services, given that said situation, in order to protect Public Health, is assimilated to an accident at work exclusively for the economic benefit of temporary disability from the Social Security system”, CESM argues.

In these cases, the union specifies that “the intervention of the Public Health Service physician would not occur -except for a worsening of the symptoms that would require the provision of health care-, significantly alleviating the burden borne by Primary Care and allowing at the same time the attention of those patients who do not admit delay”.

Collapse in Primary Care

The Confederation considers “this solution to be better and more in accordance with the norm than the one that some autonomous communities are adopting these days, which are authorizing the issuance of a discharge and discharge part in the same act for the aforementioned period of seven days of isolation. , despite the fact that article 3.2 of Order ESS/1187/2015, of June 15, only allows it for those processes of very short duration that the norm itself in its article 2.1 a) establishes in five days”.

CESM reiterates “the need that, in the event that this proposed option is discarded, the necessary measures are articulated in accordance with the norm in order to solve the serious problem that currently affects the public health system, which is the collapse in Primary Care , motivated not so much by a healthcare issue but by the important public health problem posed by the pandemic”.

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