Chavo del 8: the news that saddens fans of La Chilindrina

María Antonieta de las Nieves, known for playing La Chilindrina on the El Chavo del 8 program, reported that the series based on her life was canceled due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Mexico. After the news, she spoke on portals such as Ventaneando where she shared that the project had to stop and could not wait to resume it, for other work reasons that have her tied. “With everything related to the pandemic, it could not be carried out and right now I can no longer be on standby, or I do the series or I do the Circo de la Chilindrina and honestly, the circus suits me better,” he declared.

The chilindrina, highlighted that he rules out the possibility of carrying out said series, however, his current commitments were something that he could not abandon. I promised myself all this year to be with that company and I’m going to be if God wants me to be in good health, I’ll see what suits me to do. It was a beautiful project that filled me with hope at the time, it was worth it”.

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