Chivas de Guadalajara insists on the return of Oribe Peralta to help basic forces

Former Chivas

The Mexican striker announced his retirement on Wednesday just as he was celebrating his 38th birthday.

The 'Brush' announced his retirement on his 38th birthday
© picture 7The ‘Brush’ announced his retirement on his 38th birthday

Oribe Peralta ended a nearly 19-year career in Mexican soccer. The ‘Brush’ took advantage of his 38th anniversary to announce his retirement from the courts after he did not find an offer attractive enough to continue his journey on the pitch. From Chivas They did not miss the opportunity and congratulated the one who was their gunner in the last tournaments.

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Peralta’s contract with Chivas ended in December, a time when both parties sat down to negotiate but from the red and white offices they had another plan: offer the one born in Torreón a position in the organization chart of the club to help in the work of the basic forces.

But nevertheless, Peralta rejected the proposal considering that he still had football left in his legs, but after the announcement of his official withdrawal yesterday, from El Rebaño they have insisted again to reconsider joining the work team that seeks to strengthen the basic forces of Chivas, occupying the place that Michel Leaño previously had.

According to information from the newspaper El Universal Deportes, in Chivas they do not want to give their arm to twist and are still waiting for the “Brush” to accept the proposal. “The leadership of the Sacred Flock holds him in high esteem and has proposed that he rejoin the basic forces, where their job would be to teach the kids how to take notes, as ironic as that sounds., reads part of the text.

The irony of the lines above is explained by Oribe’s low scoring contribution while defending the Chivas shirt. And it is that despite the fact that he arrived as one of the most reputable and most experienced gunners in Aztec football, the ‘Hermoso’ only scored one goal with the Guadalajara in two years.

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