Club León: Ariel Holan accepts that Byron Castillo is an option for the Fiera

There are many rumors that place the Ecuadorian Byron Castillo at Lion Club, but this Thursday the Argentine strategist and tamer of the Fierce, Ariel Holan confirmed that the still player of the Barcelona of Guayaquil “If it is an option” to come to the Emerald ranks.

During the press conference at the facilities of the lion stadium, Holan confirmed that Castillo is one of the options, although the club is analyzing some others of which he did not want to go into details.

Specifically and regarding Castillo, Holan pointed out:

I speak of him because it is a matter of public domain, Byron (Castillo) is an option, because he has the characteristics, he is a defender with extraordinary physical display, who arrives very well at the end of the field of play but who also defends “

You remember it well:

I know Byron, I faced him in Libertadores, he attacks and defends well.”

Byron Castillo.

At the beginning of the week, the president of Barcelona de Guayaquil, Carlos Alfaro-Moreno confirmed that a group from abroad was approaching the offer for the South American, so it was in full analysis.

It could be in the next few days when the negotiation can be carried out “successfully” for the Fiera.

take it easy

As for the start of the tournament Closure 2022, Holan indicated:

I would not like to use the term revenge but rather that of new opportunities, what happened, happened and you can no longer turn back time.

Regarding the work he has been doing with the squad, he said: “We had a break that was logically quite important, scarce from my point of view for all the effort that the team had made for six months but it could not be otherwise because I had to start playing.”

Happy but not satisfied to be able to work a full preseason:

This will be our second preseason, in this one we had all the players but we had them from January 2 and surely the team is going to get into a good game rhythm as the games go by”.

Finally, he pointed out: “We have to quickly get in tune because there are several objectives, the Concachampions will be fundamental for us, it will be a great tournament and we will not neglect the local tournament either.”

This Thursday morning the set Emerald worked for just over two hours at the Nou Camp and are preparing to travel this Friday to Tijuana and debut against Xolos this Saturday at 9:00 p.m. (Central Time) Mexico).


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