Dulce María remembered when she stuck her tongue out at an actor in the middle of a kiss during a recording

Before promoting her new production ‘Origen’, the Mexican singer Sweet Maria He has participated in different interviews where he has hinted at different details of his personal and professional life. On this occasion, he recounted the embarrassing moment that happened when he stuck his tongue out at an actor in a soap opera scene.

The former RBD explained that different types of anecdotes happen on a recording set and that was one of the most unforgettable ones she could have. This was the case when he was filming ‘First love at 1000 x hour’, where he participated in a love scene with the actor Kuno Becker.

“The first time I had to kiss someone was at 1000 per hour and it was Kuno Becker and I had no idea how I had to kiss,” the singer was honest. “Then I asked him that, in fact, I think the director was Pardo: ‘I’ve never kissed in a novel, what do I do?’ ‘You come and kiss him’. And I tell him: ‘But like normal?’ ‘Yes’. I also asked him and he said: ‘Yes, you come and give me…’. I arrived and I didn’t even realize until I saw it that everyone was like that they had stuck out their tongues. What a bear gave me! ”, He manifested.

She assured that when she realized what she had done, she did not want them to see her because of the shame. “I was like this dead of grief because nobody told me that it was not done,” she said.

Sweet Maria

It is not the first time that Dulce María has made statements that have an impact on her followers, since she recently confessed with Yordi Rosado how little she was paid while in the RBD group. “It was something very strong because apart from that we earned very little for what it was, now I do accounts of what was generated with the concerts and of course, we got very little. When we arrived in Mexico we all went to Benítez’s office (the administrator) and told him that we all wanted to win the same, but it was the last year, “he said at the time.

RBD |  Mezcaliente

In addition, she stated that she earned more money using her social networks and starring in various campaigns. “Where they pay you the best are the campaigns. And in Rebelde, no, well I was… well, not just me, everyone. They danced very well for us (…) Me because at that time it went very well for me and I had a campaign for hair, another for sanitary napkins; not only with the novel, I did a lot of saving for the campaigns I did, “he said.

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