Emanuel Aguilera confesses the reason for his departure from Club América

Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Eagles of America They continue with constant changes in their squad, one of the men who was part of it was the Argentine Emmanuel Aguilera, emerging at the beginning of this week the news that he was officially leaving the Institution after the insistence of the fans so that he would not continue in the club with the intention that the defensive zone will be renewed in this new Tournament Closure 2022. The 32-year-old left the ranks of Coapa to become a reinforcement of the Atlas red and black.

Emmanuel Aguilera did not enter into the plans of the new project of Santiago Solari proving surprising since he seemed to have the coach’s confidence despite the criticism that arose in each game. The former Eagles gave an exclusive interview to TUDN explaining the reason for his departure, which he described as unpredictable and fast, although the element had an automatic renewal with the cream squad.

As detailed by the defender, there was a talk between the directive and the representative of the Argentine, where practically the decision to dispense with their services had already been decided by the leadership of the Eagles with the purpose of restoring the defense for this contest, even though Aerie they had the intention of continuing to militate with the Larger.

“Everything went quickly, I had my mind set on continuing in America, but my representative told me about the possibility without there being anything concrete and the first team that emerged was Atlas and there was no doubt. Then I had to talk to the board and they told me that they wanted a renewal in defense” commented Emanuel.

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Aerie recognizes that the pressure is constant when wearing the jersey of America, adding that during the four years he was in Coapa he was rewarded with the celebrations of the fans, but also punished especially in recent times, which he indicated strengthened him as a professional footballer.

“This is how it is, we already know how the Americanist fan is who is very demanding, I am aware of that, one gets used to it, I was there for 4 years and when it went well they applauded me and when it went bad they had those criticisms, but I accept everything, more if they come from constructive criticism and those that are bad or do not contribute make me stronger as a player”.

Facing a new challenge

the born in Guaymallen, Argentina It was officially presented as red and black and even continues to carry out training under the instructions of Diego Coca with whom he already met a while ago. The footballer maturely assumed the designation of the team of Coapa, adding that he understood the needs that had to be covered with the creams, without objecting to his departure from the current champion’s template.

” First I spoke with the board and I understood it in the best way, they have every right to want to renew, look for another player profile and when the option of Atlas came up I didn’t even hesitate because he is the champion and I have no doubt that it will be a team competitive and I already had to be directed by Diego (Cocca) and he knows what I can contribute”.

The Argentine admitted that he is determined to contribute his best knowledge to his new team in order to remain competitive, hoping to repay their trust.

“A very united team (Atlas), competitive, and although I was only able to train with them today, I immediately had those sensations of continuing to grow and fighting for important things and I came to that, to contribute the best of myself from my experience and knowledge. to be with the last champion and I hope to live up to it.

Aguilera with America

The Argentine was one of the best paid elements of America was placed in the third position with a rank of $412,350 equating to Henry Martin and second only to William Ochoa Y Bruno Valdez. During these four years as azulcrema he managed to score 25 goals, defining himself as the main executor of maximum penalties and almost equaling the work he did Alfredo Tena as the defender with the most goals with the Eagles, the player added a MX League, a MX Cup and a Champion of Champions.

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