GiovannI Medina shows his support for Anabel Hernández after accusations against Ninel Conde

John Medina expressed his support to the journalist Anabel Hernandez for his book ‘Emma and the other ladies of the n**co’, this despite the fact that his ex-partner Ninel Conde is mentioned in one of the chapters.

In a recent meeting he had with the press, the businessman mexpressed his gratitude and admiration to Hernández and when questioned about his impressions in this regard, he reacted like this:

“When you talk about this journalist you have to do it with respect, rarely have I read a book so supported, so documented. Books must be read and must be done carefully; then, otherwise, there is little to say “, He said

Giovanni Medina gives his opinion on Anabel Hernández's book

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Medina also pointed out that prefers not to talk about what is mentioned about his ex-partner; however, he stressed that at the time he had already brought to light the singer’s friendships: “I believe that what has been said is said in the book and we already know who says it. Also what I have said is already there and in this, as in other issues, I believe that time has been in charge of putting things in their place”, he added.

Regarding Ninel’s coexistence with her son, she stressed that they have only been able to see each other once, because they have not been contacted: “At Christmas I contacted her, they did make a video call; and on New Year’s I suppose the party was good because no contact was made”, ended.

Ninel Conde will sue the journalist

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