Giselle Blondet made the decision to remove her breast implants due to health problems

The host Giselle Blondet announced via her Facebook page that she will undergo surgery soon in order to have her breast implants removed for health reasons. “I made a very important decision for me and I want to share it with you because I think it can be beneficial for many women,” she said.

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“In a few days I am going to do what is called an explant,” he reported. In her story, she indicated that her decision to wear it was because she wanted to lift her breasts “after three pregnancies.” “He was not very comfortable with how he looked” and they assured him that for carcile “he needed to have an implant”.

“I have ones on that are textured and are closely related to what is now known as implant disease. I have a lot of constant pain, headache, tiredness, fatigue and I have already seen many cases where diseases like mine, which is rheumatoid arthritis, have been related to breast implant disease, so what I want to tell you is that I am going to have this surgery for that reason, ”said the 58-year-old also a writer.

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She assured that she would feel more confident when “she no longer has those foreign objects” in her body and that her pain will also disappear for a better quality of life.

“I hope that the pain in my hands disappears, my pain improves, I sleep better, I feel that I can focus better on things and other symptoms that I will talk about calmly with you later, but from now on I tell you that I am going to share with you all this process so that together we can find solutions for all those people who may be suffering from these symptoms and have no idea what it could be, “he said.

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Not only Giselle Blondet made the decision to remove her breast implants, but also actress Michelle Renaud and Carmen Aud. In addition, the presenter Andrea Legarreta assured that she also did it because she felt that she did not need it. “I hadn’t told them, but I also took them off. I removed the implants, I had not commented on it, “he said.

“And I decided, not precisely because I felt bad or had some illness, it was because I no longer wanted to have the plastic inside. You have to go to a professional, he has to do it right and you get well soon. It’s a personal decision,” he explained.

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