Grettell Valdez, actress of Televisa, denies having cancer and talks about her health

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Mexico City.- The year 2022 did not start well for the Mexican actress, Grettell Valdez, who reported that he will lose part of his finger thumb to avoid hitting Cancer one more time.

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In an interview with the program Today, the artist of Televisa He shared that in 2018 he was diagnosed with cancer in the same finger, but with the help of surgery he managed to eradicate the disease.

His doctor recently detected something in his finger again and although he would undergo another operation to analyze what he has, it could not be because the virus it spread.

After this, Grettell made a live broadcast through her account Instagram, where she explained that she is prepared to face her medical situation, which is why her dearest people should not be alarmed.

The ex-partner of Patrick Borghetti He confirmed that his surgery is scheduled for the following week and as soon as he leaves the operating room, he will contact his fans to share with them the process that must continue.

Finally, Grettell Valdez revealed that she must wear chemotherapy and took the opportunity to thank all the signs of affection that she has been receiving since the illness that afflicts her was made public.

Source: TV Notes and El Universal

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