“I hope your book does well”: Britney Spears explodes against her sister for writing a play “at her expense” and “ruining her dreams”


14 Jan 2022 11:32 GMT

According to the former pop star, the “crazy” attitude and controversial remarks made by Jamie Lynn were intended to boost sales of her new memoir.

Through a long message on Twitter, Britney Spears severely criticized the statements made by her younger sister, Jamie Lynn, when promoting the book of her memoirs titled ‘Things I Should Have Said’ (‘The things I should have said’), on this Wednesday’s edition of the ‘Good Morning America’ program, in which, according to the artist, she made controversial comments to sell more books.

In her message, the former pop star denied the claims of Jamie Lynn, who assured that her behavior, before being placed under the guardianship of her father, was “erratic, paranoid and spiraling”, and even pointed out that on some occasion she ended locked in the same room with Britney, while she threatened her with a knife.

“My sister said my behavior was out of control. She was never very close to me at the time, 15 years ago…. So why are they talking about it unless she wants to sell a book at my expense?” ? commented Britney Spears.

When questioned by the show’s host, JuJu Chen, about the controversy that arose around the tribute she paid to Britney at the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards, where she performed a medley of the singer’s greatest hits, the youngest of the Spears He pointed out that it was already in the past and they had managed to reconcile.

In this regard, Britney had previously commented that it bothered her that her sister went on stage to perform her songs, the reason for this is that she considers she has never had to make an effort. “I know it may seem silly to most people, but I wrote many of my songs and my sister was a baby. She never had to work for anything. She was always given everything!” publication.

Stepan the cat conquers Britney Spears with determination and a glass of red wine

“So yeah, they ruined my dreams… My family loves to bring me down and hurt me all the time, so I’m upset with them.” […] I hope your book does well, Jamie Lynn,” added the “princess of pop” about her sister’s “crazy” behavior during the interview.

“I saw her [la entrevista] with a fever, and it was actually a good thing to have such a high temperature because I had to give in to not caring,” the artist explained. “The lesson learned from all of this is to not trust people or anyone, make your cats and dogs your family and take care of yourself”, concluded the singer in another comment.

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