In a tight bodysuit with a deep neckline, Carolina Sandoval greets her followers from the shower

The famous television presenter Carina Sandoval did her thing again and with the charisma that characterizes her, She delighted her followers by showing herself in a sensual swimsuit, and from the privacy of your shower! What was the reason for your video? Here we tell you.

It is nothing new for the famous to use her Instagram account to share one or the other with her fans. “little taste” of your day to day and the journeys he lives. These, for the most part, are of a humorous nature that have allowed him to develop an unparalleled connection with his network community.

Such was the case of one of his most recent publications, where clad in a tight swimsuit that exposed her statuesque figure at 48, showed the extensive care to which her hair is subjected after having painted it red.

With a humorous video filmed from the comfort of her shower, Carolina Sandoval revealed that since his contagion of Covid-19 he had not washed his hair for fear that it would discolor: “I have not wanted to wash my hair because I do not know what will happen,” he said before proceeding to get under the shower. “Oh my god, I’m fading,” he added after seeing the water take on a reddish hue.

Throughout the clip, the self-styled “Poisonous” is playful and joking by posing in different ways in which she reveals her shapely figure and wet hair.

The responses to her occurrence could not be missing and the comments section of the publication was filled with thousands of compliments for the beauty of the famous, as well as for her sense of humor: “I love your videos”, “How beautiful, how I have laughed”, “You look beautiful Carol” and “I love your attitude”, are some of the comments that are read under his video.

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