Jomari Goyso criticizes Francisca Lachapel: “I need to go into your closet”

Jomari Goyso is characterized by his unique personality with which he has won the hearts of thousands of people and even his colleagues, despite the fact that sometimes he makes them spend some uncomfortable moments due to his black humor jokes, however, the one who knows knows that nothing should be taken personally.

Just like Francisca Lachapel does, who maintains a close friendship with the Spaniard, despite the fact that he often makes uncomfortable jokes.

Francesca Lachapel

In the recent publication of the host of “Wake up America”, where she wears the outfit she chose to air this Thursday, January 13, Jomari reacted by commenting on her shoes.

Enjoying this stage and taking advantage of my curves. Happy day my people… Let’s move forward with firm steps towards what we want. I love!”, wrote the Dominican in the image posing in a short white dress and black boots.

In the comments, the influencer wrote: “Her!!! And those boots? I think I need to get into your closet. Your boots have me thinking a lot…

Before the comment of her dear friend, the driver defended herself with laughter: “lol i need a tutorial then”.

And it is that as you know, Goyso is a fan of fashion and good taste, therefore, at all times he looks impeccable with the outfits he chooses and loves to advise his close friends.

However, other Francisca followers wrote to her expressing how beautiful she looked in the outfit. “Super cute,” Olga Tañon wrote to her, while her husband Francesco Zampogna gave her a lover’s face.

Decide to make changes to your diet

A few days ago, the Dominican confessed to her fans that after her pregnancy, she has not managed to lose weight and therefore, to start the year, she set a goal to change her habits by eating healthy food.

I have to tell you that I am worried because I am stock, stopped, fixed because the weight does not drop below 160 pounds”, he began by saying in the video he recorded from the kitchen of his house.

Lachapel explained to them that “I gained a lot of weight with pregnancy, I have tried to lose weight but this month it is very difficult to lose it. There are other things, maybe hormonal that won’t let me lose 160 pounds and I’m already worrying. So I decided to make a change in my diet and maybe that will help me a lot.”

For her, the best thing is to organize her meals and manage to get in shape, just as she did years ago.

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