Julio César Chávez Jr. mocks ‘Canelo’ Álvarez: “I’ve already lowered several girls” | News from Mexico

CULIACAN, Mexico-. One more time Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. recreated controversy on social networks by launching against his compatriot, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, but this time it was for some matters outside the ring.

In a conversation with TV Boxing, Julio César Chávez Jr. said, with all certainty, that he is the “most handsome in boxing” and that he has even taken away several girlfriends, which is why he “has courage“.

“I am the most handsome in boxing, the truth, I have 61 boxing fights and I don’t look like a boxer, as well as others. Not even ‘Canelo’, he doesn’t do it, the net, I have already lowered several girls, that’s why I has courage

“I have 71 professional fights, 19 years fighting with the best in the world and competing all over the world with people from all countries, I have lost fights, but nothing else, the truth is that it is because circumstances“, declared the Sinaloan.

The rivalry of Julio César Chávez Jr. and Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez

It was in 2017 when the ‘Son of the Legend’ and the man from Guadalajara entered the ring and faced each other in a totally media battle, which had as the winner Canelo Alvarez for unanimous decision.

But after that fight, Julio César Chávez Jr. has taken advantage of a few moments to throw himself against Saúl Álvarez and to criticize some of his last fights.

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