Leaño praises Marco Fabián, but clarifies why he cannot play for Chivas

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The Herd strategist considers that this is not the time to give the rojiblanco youth squad a chance.

Leaño clarifies why Fabián cannot play in Chivas
© picture 7Leaño clarifies why Fabián cannot play in Chivas

In recent days, the possibility that Marco Fabian could get the chance to go back to Club Guadalajara as reinforcement for this Closing Tournament 2022, but the helmsman Marcelo Leano He was clear in pointing out the reasons why it is not a good idea for the talented soccer player to join his squad, clarifying that it is not an issue that has to do with money.

+ Chivas stove football heading to Liga MX Clausura 2022

The technician of Sacred Flock exposed the factors that prevent the arrival of Fabián de la Mora to his current squad, because it is a reality that they want to cement a different process with experienced players who shelter the youngsters, while the Mexican World Cup player is trying to find his best level, starting by returning to the regularity that he has not achieved in recent years.

“Marco is a great player, I have known him for many years, I had to be in 2012 To who Chivas and he was in a great moment, a player who is also identified with the colors of the institution and one never knows. Today is difficult because the team is made up, we are in day two, the team is already training with a very concrete and clear idea; We don’t know what could happen in the future.”

“A quality player and identified with the colors, you will always be able to have an opportunity and space, although right now it is complicated, we are focused on the players we have on the squad”, manifested log, in a clear sign that the situation has never had to do with money, since Marco Fabian is free and can negotiate with the team that best suits you, as well as your salary.

Leaño agrees with the words of Marco Fabián

Some days ago Fabián spoke with a national newspaper and gave his version of the factors that prevented his return to Guadalajara, which coincide with what the Guadalajara coach recently pointed out: “I am grateful to the fans of Chivas who know my heart is there. Amaury Vergara is my friend, his father Jorge, he meant a lot; with Marcelo Leaño is the same and with Ricardo Peláez I worked in the 2014 World Cup. In recent days I chatted with them although in tone of friendship, not business, they told me that Chivas is my home, but at this moment they bring another project, I have no resentment with anyone”.

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