Lourdes Stephen and her ordeal by COVID-19

The Dominican presenter lourdes stephen, who works in the program “Sal y Pimienta” of the chain Univision, made public the nightmare he has lived after testing positive for the coronavirus through a video he shared on Youtube.

“This is one of those pieces of news you don’t want to get,” says Stephen. “I tested positive for COVID, I say it and it still gives me chills this diagnosis, this positive result of the test because like many of you I have been taking care of myself. And it is frustrating to know that despite everything I have done, I got infected” .

Stephen put on two vaccines against the coronavirus and says that it was infected after being exposed “to a person very close to my family who tested positive”. In the first test that she, her wife and her son took, all three were negative. However, she began to have symptoms.

“These chills started, fever between 102.5 to 103.5 degrees, an excruciating headache as if you were being hammered. And my heart beats at a million. Normal is 60 to 100 beats per minute at rest and mine I was at 127, an incredible thing,” he says.

As the magazine People in Spanish reports, the presenter went to an emergency clinic “with a very high fever” and was shocked to see the long lines of people waiting to be treated. “When you hear the news about how hospitals are becoming crowded, you think it’s something far away, you think it’s not going to happen to you, but I saw it,” adds Stephen, who waited more than six hours to be seen at the emergency clinic. There he tested positive for COVID.

“I’m still not breathing very well,” he admits in the video. “I get hot when I talk too fast.” The diagnosis of coronavirus left her in shock. “It scares you a lot because you don’t know if you’re going to get worse, you don’t know how it’s going to attack you,” he admits about the virus.

He spent four days with sweats, chills, high fever, headache, high heartbeat and everything was slowly returning to normal. “On the fifth day I felt much better, but on the sixth day then I started to squeeze my chest. I am asthmatic and that was one of my great fears with COVID, the fact that it was going to hit my lungs,” confess.

He began treatment with nebulizers three times a day and other medications. Three days after her asthma treatment—and her eighth or ninth day with COVID—“I had a horrible asthma attack and I kind of backed off,” she recalls. “It’s like you take a fish out of water and leave it on the pavement,” he said of the asthma sensation. “I do not wish it to anyone”.

Fortunately, she was able to pass the disease at home and not be hospitalized and is already recovering. “Before the tenth day I had already tested negative, thank God,” he says.

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