Lucila Mariscal, how is your health after your hip surgery?

Lucila Mariscal has faced a series of difficulties after a past fall at Christmas, the comedian, would undergo a double surgery after discovering an infection.

The “Mexican actress“, Lucila Mariscal would be double operated after, assuring, doctors detected another possible infection in the middle of her first surgery, for what they warned, this would put her health at risk.

Lucilla Marshal, whom many know by his character from “lench“He has not had the best days, so his fans have sent him several messages with love in the midst of his state of health.

Lucila Mariscal with double surgery, infection detected. Photo: Capture Instagram

Last 2020, the outstanding “comedian“, With more than 50 years of experience in the show in Mexico, he faced a spectacular fall at home on December 25, a fact that further aggravated his ailments in addition to hip damage, according to what he told the Ventaneando program.

The too”songwriter” Lucila Marina Mariscal explained that she was at home when she slipped with her cane and fell on her hip, so she immediately had to go to the doctor to be treated.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the “singer” she would be notified that she had to be operated on for an “umbilical hernia” and that is what they mainly had to attend to to avoid greater risks to her health.

“I don’t have any cartilage and my leg is loose,” Mariscal said about her hip, which they couldn’t operate on at the time because it was important that they first attend to the hernia that could have caused more health problems. Once she recovers, she will be subjected to a second hip surgery.

The famous 79-year-old, who has acted and directed theater since 1969, alerted her fans during the last days of 2021, when her representative, Elías Cañete, would announce the news on social networks about the star’s incident that occurred in her home He thanked everyone who cared about his health.

Thank you very much for your prayers for the health of my represented artist, but above all my great friend, Mrs. Lucila Mariscal. That she has been in an emergency hospital since Saturday due to a heavy fall at home, was read in the post on the PR’s Facebook profile.

Born on July 18, 1942, Lucila Marina Mariscal, has shone both in the world of the small screen and in Mexican cinema, her popular character “Lencha” has been highlighted as a “Mexican comedy icon“.

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