Mhoni Seer predicts new DISGRACE for the Rivera family

Since the death of Jenni Rivera on December 9, 2012, after a terrible plane crash, the problems between the members of this controversial family have not ceased as they are becoming stronger and more difficult to remedy.

The most recent, originated because the children of the Diva de la Banda called their uncles Juan and Rosie Rivera to account for the management of their famous mother’s business, and realizing that they were not quite right, they decided that Jacquie will be in charge of the companies and not Rosie as she had been doing.

Since then, the war of declarations between the children and the brothers of Jenni Rivera have not stopped, they have even threatened each other, in this situation, the most famous seer in the world, Mhoni Seer revealed what awaits the Dynasty Rivera.

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What awaits the Rivera family?

It was through his official YouTube channel that Mhoni Vidente revealed that Rosie Rivera and her husband Abel were the ones who mishandled and could go to prison, because Jhonny could sue his uncles.

“There are frauds, thefts, legal problems. I see that Rosie Rivera and her husband mishandled and will end up in jail. There are strong legal situations on the part of Jhonny, who will sue his uncles,” said Mhoni Vidente.

On the other hand, the Cuban assured that this is only the beginning of a great family lawsuit because everything will end in tragedy since the Cuban even sees a death for someone.

”This is going to end in tragedy, beatings, lawsuits, bullets… death; anger will be unleashed, anger among themselves”, said the fortune teller.


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