Oswaldo Alanís: “In Mexico the idea of ​​the MLS is inferior”

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After passing through the Major League Soccer with the San Jose Earthquakes, Oswaldo Alanís returned to Liga MX to continue his career as a player Mazatlan FC. After his experience in American football, the defender assured that in Mexico you have the idea that the national tournament Is superior that of the neighbor to the north.

“In the last 3 years I was away and returning to Mexico is difficult because the Mexican teams think you didn’t play. The MLS does not turn to see, in a certain way in Mexico they think they are inferior (the MLS), it is difficult for you to go to another league and they follow your steps”, commented the Aztec in an interview with W sports.

Chivas did not look for it

In the same talk Alanis took the opportunity to make it clear that there was never any interest Chivas to join their ranks after completing his time with the California team.

“I have a good relationship with Amaury (Vergara), with the board, there was never any interest in joining the staff, I am always grateful in some way to Chivas, what happened in Mazatlan and now I am very happy to be here“, he mentioned.

When could Alanís debut with Mazatlán FC?

Oswaldo Alanis He has not yet added minutes with the Sinaloa team, since he did not see activity in the duel against Chivas de la Day 1 of the Closing 202two, so you will have to wait until Date 3 to be able to debut with Mazatlán, since the J2 duel against America was rescheduled.

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