Patrice Evra says that in each team there are at least two homosexuals who do not confess | football curiosities

Homosexuality in football, in the modern era, continues to be an issue to which many prefer to look the other way. And not because the cases do not occur, but because of the hostility that its protagonists would suffer.

But if anyone is capable of looking at these thorny issues head-on, it is the Frenchman Patrice Evra, an athlete who suffered from racism, who has always been in the midst of controversy, who is not, fortunately, politically correct.

In a chat with Le Parisien, the controversial player said it all without a filter: “When I was in England, they brought a person to speak to the team about homosexuality. Some of my teammates said in that conversation: ‘It’s against my religion, yes. there is a homosexual in this locker room, he has to leave the club’… At that moment, I said: ‘Everyone shut up’. Can you imagine it?” he lamented.

He added: “I have played with players who were homosexual… One by one, they opened up to me because they are afraid to talk about it in another way. There are at least two players per club who are homosexual. But in the world of football If you say it, it’s over.”

Except for Joshua Cavallo, an Australian player who publicly stated his sexual orientation, Evra is right that his colleagues are afraid to confess for fear of being treated differently on and off the pitch. Isn’t football ready to open up to a subject that is becoming more normal in society every day? Everything seems to indicate yes.

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