Scientific coalition and College of Physicians support Governor Pierluisi’s Executive Order

Dr. Sanet Torres indicated that these decisions should have been made earlier.

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January 14, 2022 | | Reading time: 3 minutes

Dr. Víctor Ramos, president of the College of Physicians of Puerto Rico, Dr. Sanet Torres, pediatric infectologist and Dr. Carmen Zorrilla, professor of the Medical Sciences Campus.

The Puerto Rico Scientific Coalition and the country’s College of Physicians today supported the executive order signed by the governor that reduces the capacity of public and private closed spaces on the island to 75 percent and promotes vaccination against COVID-19 in the third dose for over 12 years.

“In the most recent meeting of the Coalition we insisted that older adults had to be protected because infections and the increase in severe hospitalizations are occurring among older adults. Initially, we were more relaxed because young people who did not They presented such serious pictures, but they interact on the street, work and go to activities, go to homes and infect older adults,” explained the president of the Medical College.

Doctor Víctor Ramos said that given the explosion of more cases of infection with the occurrence of serious hospitalizations and death, the figures of more than 20 daily deaths cannot be normalized. The well-known doctor clarified that the Coalition never spoke of specific capacity figures Rather, he asked the government to take action in specific places.

“We always talk about the sites that should be limited,” said the doctor, acknowledging that the decision announced by Governor Pedro Pierluisi was difficult because it limits the development of economic activities and now we do not have government aid that we had in the past to alleviate the situation.

Ramos formulated the approach in an interview with the Journal of Medicine and Public Health in which the infectologist Sanet Torres from the San Jorge Hospital in Santurce also participated.

Dr. Torres, a prominent pediatric infectologist, told MSP that perhaps the decision should have been made earlier, but “we cannot turn back the clock.”

“We should have made the decision weeks earlier, but I think making it now can help curb the infection,” she said.

The governor’s order applies to closed places and the capacity for restaurants and places where alcoholic beverages are consumed and food is eaten remains at fifty percent.

See the full interview:

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