Selection of Honduras arrives in Fort Lauderdale with 16 players to prepare the friendly against Colombia


This Friday the Bolillo Gomez and the Honduran national team arribston rn town Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States, where they will play a friendly on Sunday against Colombia.

The Hondurans left the Ramón Villeda Morales at 9:55 a.m. to complete a two-hour flight that kept the Catracha band focused on training to be held at 5 p.m. in the warm city that will enjoy a climate of 22 degrees Celsius when the test time approaches.

The Bicolor traveled to the lands of Uncle Sam with 16 players after the casualties of Wisdom Quaye Y Marco Aceituno last minute by the anti-covid protocols of the American country. Joseph Mario Pinto arrived on a separate flight at the same time as the national team; Marcelo Santos, the last-minute call-up, arrives in Miami at 6 pm local time.

Captain Maynor Figueroa joined the concentration of Bolillo in Florida, who also planned a final training session for Saturday at 6:30 pm to fine-tune details prior to the clash against the South Americans, at 5:00 pm the next day.

“We know what it is Colombia and what it represents, even though its figures are not there. South American football is fast and strong. The Colombian league is very good, just like its players”, he referred Edrick Menjivar to meet against those led by Reinaldo Wheel prior to sailing from Honduras.

In addition, he made it clear how they take the meeting on a personal level: “Today there are no friendly matches. We must make the most of this meeting as Colombia is a great selection that will surely be in the world. We risk our prestige against them, we can’t take it as a friendly because it could go badly for us”.

Will he be the owner? Menjivar He referred to what he has worked on Bolillo Gomez facing the duel: “We don’t know yet (if he will play), the teacher has been changing the team. He wants a brave team, very well placed and structured. Hopefully we will have a great game on Sunday”.

With this meeting that will only feature national players, the Colombian coach has made it clear that he is looking for new options thinking about the triple qualifying date against Canada, El Salvador and the United States.

“We come with the best expectations, it will be a nice game, there is no friendly. we know who is ColombiaIt will be a good meeting. We have worked a very intense week on defense, keeping the lines closed, having that control in the back line which is what the teacher likes”, commented the defender denil Maldonado prior to flight to Florida.

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