She was not silent! Alicia Machado responds to those who accuse her of having done the gastric sleeve

Alicia Machado does not stop showing off her new figure after having lost at least 11 kilos after passing through ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, and although the happiness of the Venezuelan is maximum, due to her new physical and health change, there are those who still They dislike each other and accuse her of having lied about it.

On more than one occasion, the actress clarified that in order to lose weight, she underwent a rigorous diet, exercise routines and relied on the use of girdles. However, there are those who still doubt that this is true and every time that Machado shows off his great body, the haters are on the attack of comments, to question his word and his effort.

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Recently “La Machado” published a photo on her Instagram account where she looks very focused doing her exercise routine while on the beach. Wearing a purple sports outfit and sunglasses, the artist took the opportunity to leave a message in her post. “Staying focused is the key to achieving your New Year’s resolutions”, wrote.

As usual, the publication immediately received hundreds of comments, some of support and admiration, but others not so nice. One user commented on the postcard with a sarcastic tone and said, “The gastric sleeve”, referring to the fact that the former Miss Universe allegedly underwent this treatment and not a diet and exercise plan.

But Alicia was not silent and did not hesitate to respond to the message and very classy, put the netizen in his place. “LoveI swear to you that if I had had that procedure done, I would have already shared my experience. I invite you to revive so you can see my 13 week plan that I tried to follow, I lost 11 kilos, blessings “ , released.

But not everything ended there. Her fans came out to defend her from the bad comments. “Don’t listen to those bad comments. We love you and we know your trajectory”, “Keep it up Ali, you are an inspiration to many. People won’t stop talking as long as they see you happy and happy.” are some of the messages left by his loyal followers.

It is not the first time that a comment with bad sense crosses the publications of ‘La Machado’, recently another user asked him to be honest and tell the truth about how he lost weight.“Alicia, please tell me the truth: How did you lose 11 kilos in such a short time? I don’t think it was a diet, since the balloon or bariatric surgery is in fashion. Tell me to make that pod now”, wrote this person via Instagram.

After that, the renowned actress did not hesitate to answer him and be as honest as possible to avoid any type of speculation. With his answer, he clarified that it was really done to have a renewed figure. “My doctor Miguel Gou can explain my 13 week diet to lose those kilos. Not everything is operating rooms! He said in that occasion.

As you remember, during a live broadcast, the former beauty queen told how her audience admires her change. “I lost 11 kilos, not to mention 12, because it makes me sad to say that I lost 12 kilos. Already today a lady at the airport, very nice, who received me said that I had to do my diet and that it be called the diet of ‘Alicia from The House of Celebrities’. I’ll pass on my tips later.”

While many discuss the physical change of the Venezuelan. Alicia is more focused than ever on her new life. As she made known through her social networks, she is excited for a full 2022, single but enjoying a range of opportunities both personally and in her professional life. The actress is ready to give her all on stage and demonstrate once again why she is one of the women who inspires many to pluck up courage and feel powerful.

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