They ask the international community to help Haiti

The government and 30 political parties agreed to demand that the international community intervene without further delay in the Haitian situation and reiterated that there will never be a Dominican solution to the problems facing that country.

The political organizations signed a joint declaration in which they reiterated the call to the international community, especially the United States, France, Canada and the European Union, to assume a serious and consistent effort of aid and collaboration with the rescue of Haiti.

They fully supported the politics abroad assumed by the dominican state and they agreed to declare that “there is not and will not be in the future a Dominican solution to the problems of Haiti”.

The leaders they signed the politics of good neighborliness with the Haitian people based on non-intervention and mutual respect for sovereignty.

President Louis Abinader headed the meeting and read at the end the list of parties that signed the document.

The president expressed that a unitary country document was achieved in relation to the Haitian situation, the challenges it faces and the risks it represents for the country, and that it serves as a new call to the international community.

Julio César Valentín, of the Dominican Liberation Party, said that it is very likely that the Migration Law will be seen in the future, “which deserves due reflection and space for consensus among political forces.”

He assured that his party supports the government in any effort that leads to safeguarding the border and that they are not going to be alienated from any space that the presidential investiture summons them and he anticipated that possibly the fourth meeting takes place next week.

Quique Antún, president of the Christian Social Reformist Party, informed when leaving the Green Room that President Abinader gave a lot of information about the actions he is taking and that those present identified with them. Similarly, “everyone made their proposals.”

He pointed out that the document is addressed to the international community “based on the unity that the country must have for an issue that is so sensitive to our sovereignty.”

Commissions were created to make the international community aware that Dominicans are not responsible for the Haitian issue, according to Maritza López, president of the Liberal Action Party (PAL).

Guillermo Moreno was conspicuous by his absence, who in previous meetings had rejected any Dominican support for foreign intervention in Haiti and the suspension of the student visa program.

Yesterday’s was the third meeting of this guy who heads the government with the political parties and the second led by the president himself Louis Abinader. However, no new measures have been announced despite the fact that in the first meeting it was agreed that the parties would bring proposals.

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Duartian Institute in favor

For his part, the president of the Duartian Institute, Wilson Gómez Ramírez, described as correct the political line followed by the Dominican State, through the Executive Power, on the demand to the international community to help the Haitian people. He recalled that the organizations of the United Nations (UN) and American States (OAS), “are organizations designed to go to the aid of states when they face a situation of misfortune, which is the Haitian case.” Gómez Ramírez maintained that the international community “cannot pretend to leave this to the free so that the Dominican Republic supports unnecessary pressure.” He stated that the country “gives more than it can and has made an effort beyond what is reasonable” with the Haitian issue, and that there is a constant struggle with international organizations “that do not want to recognize the capacity for self-determination of this country.”

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