Today’s horoscope, January 14, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In today’s horoscope, friday january 14, Mercury start your way retrograde in the sign Aquarius. This will cause many problems in your communications, in the way you express yourself and even in your relationships and finances.


Today Mercury, the planet in charge of communications, of transmitting information, begins its backward path. When this happens and during the next three weeks, the aforementioned star could give you confusing or erroneous data, cause problems in your email, internet connection and on your cell phone.

It could also generate misunderstandings when meeting with colleagues. Therefore, I advise you every morning to check your agenda and attendance at meetings called by you. Also, if in recent months you have wanted to avoid any difficult situation in your work, it is in this week that they will come to the surface.

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On this day, Mercury kicks off its retrogradation causing its usual problems. But, in addition, if you have gone through tensions in the last three months or have not wanted to expose discomfort or disagreements related to your work tasks, from today and for the next three weeks they will come to light.

This will happen through situations filled with delays and awkwardness. Here you must be very careful, since your efficiency and the fulfillment of your responsibilities could be affected, particularly avoid making the mistake of disclosing incorrect information or disclosing it when it was private.

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Today Mercury begins its path in retrograde, and you will feel its influence in the increase in the intensity of your thoughts. You will notice that you will question how your goals are going, your lifestyle and also the type of communication you maintain. In this order of ideas, you should be careful.

Do not get tangled up in thoughts and conjectures, remember that for your sign this is usual and even more so with this retrogradation. On the other hand, in the next three weeks the tensions that you have let go in recent months with those relationships that you keep at a distance will come to light.

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Today Mercury begins its retrogradation. With this astrological movement, you will have problems related to the tensions that you experienced in the last business meetings, with poorly signed financial agreements or that were not well executed. Also if you have avoided paying debts or taxes.

The aforementioned includes delays in the payment of your insurance fees, inconveniences and claims will arise. This retrogradation can also manifest itself with money losses, bank transactions that do not appear in your account, therefore, it is convenient to check the balances daily in these three weeks.

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Today Mercury starts its retrogradation path, an astrological movement that it makes from the Aquarius sign, opposite yours and in the relationships sector of your horoscope. With this influence in the Universe, different issues will come to light that you did not want to address in the last three months.

In addition to misunderstandings, problems and different questions will arise due to mistrust, suspicion or information that you have hidden. In this way, during the next three weeks, cheating will be more frequent so as not to reveal other lies or infidelities, causing distancing in your intimate relationships.

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Today Mercury begins its path in retreat and with this movement the complications begin. This is why I recommend that you take everything more calmly and slow down your pace because everything will be delayed. As retrograde in an air sign, you could confuse your thoughts with feelings and arrive at wrong definitions.

Therefore, you must tread carefully and not make serious mistakes because of your distractions. Pay close attention if you work with account balances, accounting or important documentation, and since you may be missing transactions and carry a 2022 lucky charm with you.

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Your desire to physically meet your loved ones and friends again could be frustrated by the delays that Mercury retrograde will cause from today and for the next three weeks. With this astrological movement, the obstacles to seeing you with them will increase.

This will take you to review how your feelings and emotions are for three months. In this process, you will surely also find marital problems and differences that you have decided to postpone and not talk about, but in this retrogradation these will be visible and you will not be able to hide them.

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Today Mercury begins its retrograde path. With this influence, you will not be able to hide the tensions and angers not expressed in the last three months and they will be visible to everyone. You will see this reflected especially in family communication, since you will not be able to avoid confrontations or evade problems.

Keep in mind that the objective must be to maintain a certain harmony and you must also take into account that there could be delays, loss of documentation or that you may be deceived if you have to do some real estate operations, so check all the clauses well.

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Today Mercury, the planet associated with your mind, starts its retrogradation through the Gemini sign. This influences you in your 3rd house in particular, which corresponds precisely to the area of ​​the horoscope where you create your thoughts and your ability to speak your mind.

But, in addition, as this whole event happens in the aquarium of the air element, such an astral movement will come for you to review your ideas and make an analysis of what you must change. You will also feel that what you say is not understood or you use the wrong words, generating conflicts in your relationships.

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Starting today, Mercury, the planet in charge of carrying and bringing information, begins its retrograde path in the area of ​​your finances. During the next three weeks, you could have problems receiving the deposits of your payments, your prizes or bonuses.

They could also deny you the financial agreement with a renegotiation of the credit interest rate. In addition, you must be especially careful with theft, fraud or loss of your credit cards. If you’re about to open a business or publish your website for the first time, you’d better wait for the next three weeks.

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Mercury, which is your ruling planet, starts its retrograde path in your own sign, so you will feel its influence strongly. With this movement, your mental quickness will not have the usual agility. In addition, you could feel doubt in your arguments for others and also for yourself because you will doubt if you have to make important decisions.

For this reason, I suggest that you do not enter into strong discussions in which you are not totally sure about what you are saying, since everything could be more complicated by your nervousness. To protect yourself, make your own homemade garlic amulet to absorb bad energies.

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Starting today, Mercury, the planet of information and your thoughts, begins its retrograde path. During the next three weeks, you will notice this influence strongly because the moments of introversion will expand and when reviewing previous situations you could be dramatic, since this is a characteristic of your sign.

You could feel scattered wanting to escape from reality and check your latest decisions, you must take care not to get locked in a labyrinth of thoughts and questions. Avoid getting caught up in repetitive thoughts.

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