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This Wednesday, January 12, a month has passed since the death of ‘El Charro de Huentitán’, one of the most important interpreters in the history of Mexico.

He died at the age of 81 after spending more than four months in a hospital in Guadalajara, due to a severe fall suffered at home. His family came every day to visit him, especially Doña Cuquita.

Mara Patricia told several anecdotes about the Fernández family

During her participation in the Hoy program, the journalist told some things about the Fernández family. She attended the wake and was accompanied by her former mother-in-law, who told her that she did say goodbye to her life partner and that she always respected him and was with him at all times.

“She was there all night, the security people told me that as much as they wanted to pick her up so she could go change, Cuquita was there with her husband as she was for 58 years, so we went up to see her… [Me decía] that she had said goodbye to her husband, that she had spoken with him and that the only thing Cuquita did in life was respect him, be loyal to him, be faithful to him, be with him, be a companion against everything and everyone, whatever they said, whatever They did not say, only you knew what your relationship and your husband was, “said the journalist.

On the other hand, he talked about the day Vicente Fernández Jr. gave him exclusive access to the ranch, to offer him an interview and leave behind the other media outlets that covered his death, which outraged many.

Faced with the accusations for being the only one who could pass, the journalist commented that she was only doing her job and stressed how lucky she was.

“I couldn’t hear what was going on, so I approached, but among the people who were there, the media and everything, they pushed me to the fence, then the security, the police, there were camera shots here (to the head ), we are used to reporting, to that, and then one of the policemen hit me in the chest and Vicente just saw it and said ‘Let her come in,’ he said like that, he didn’t say ‘Let Mara come in, let my ex-wife come in ‘, no, he said ‘Let her come in’, so I went in, we exchanged a word and I gave her the headset so she could talk to Joaquín López-Doriga, but from there a series of comments and misunderstandings arose, but the matter was like this, told the morning show.

Mara also commented that Don Chente was a charismatic person, who enjoyed living with his family and the great taste he had for eating sweets.

“I remember him with the beautiful things we lived, because he was also very nice, he loved to eat, that fascinated him, and he liked sweets a lot, so he liked chocolate raisins, his room was a candy store. Cuquita always had him cola drinks, diet drinks that is,” said the journalist.

Finally, he revealed that his former father-in-law liked to scare people he trusted, such as his workers who he played pranks on.

“He liked to scare people away. At some point he told me that he sent his assistant to buy him a blue shirt. They went to buy him the blue shirt and he climbed into a closet and when he arrived he dropped a vase on them. Laughter Don Vicente Fernández could not get out of the closet”.

Who also commemorated the interpreter of “Acá entre nos” and “Estoscelos” was his son, Alejandro Fernández, and shared a series of photos with his father when he was a child.

“For those memories that we have stored in our hearts and make us smile when they come back to us and fill us with nostalgia,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

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