wireless headphones for only 1 euro

The Lenovo LP40s fall back to one euro in price thanks to this offer from AliExpress.

It seems incredible, but our favorite offer to buy wireless headphones at the best price has returned. If you are looking for simple headphones that offer a correct experience, these Lenovo LP40 they can be very helpful. In addition, now you can buy them for a ridiculous amount, since they are only worth 1 euro in aliexpress.

Yes, you are reading that right, you can take these precious Lenovo LP40 for only 1 euro, a price lower than the cost of a beer or a coffee. Before you buy them, there is a requirement you should note: this price is only for new AliExpress users. Therefore, if you have already used your account, you must make a new one with another email address to be able to take them at this price. shipping is free, that’s why you shouldn’t worry.

Buy these wireless headphones for only 1 euro

The Lenovo LP40 are yours on AliExpress for only 1 euro.

When buying these Lenovo LP40, you can choose between the version of white or black. Both models are very beautiful, so just let yourself be carried away by your preferences. Are very comfortable headphones that you can use for long periods of time, as they have a compact size and light weight. Also, they have IPX5 protection against drops of water and sweat.

The Lenovo LP40 mount some drivers dynamic 13 millimeters to offer a good audio experience in which the basses stand out especially. To connect to mobile and other devices use Bluetooth 5.0, getting a stable connection. On the other hand, they comprise microphone that reduces outside noise while talking on the phone, thus facilitating better communication.

Another nice feature of these cheap headphones is that they have touch controls on its outside. Thanks to them, you will be able to control the music that is being played on your mobile phone without having to have the device next to you.

Finally, each headset is equipped with a 35 mAh battery that reaches about 3 hours of continuous playback. When it runs out, you just have to store the Lenovo LP40 in its charging case, which will provide them with three or four additional charges with its 300 mAh battery.

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