Yordenis Ugás, grateful for spending a few days with his mother after two years without seeing her

the cuban boxer Yordenis Ugas He is happy and thankful for being able to spend a few days with his mother, whom he had not seen for two years.

The boxer from Santiago assured on his social networks that the reunion with his mother will give him a lot of strength to continue in the new challenges of his career.

“I am very grateful. Thanks to God and to the things that exist, I have had the blessing of traveling and spending a few days with my mother. I had not seen her for two years. But despite the fact that time with her passes quickly, every day I have dedicated a few hours to continue doing the work,” Ugás said alongside a video of him training.

The welterweight champion referred to his next fight against Errol Spence Jr., which should take place this year, and with which he could reach the unification of three titles in the division.

“We are going to a historic and extremely tough fight. But with God’s blessing, I work hard and with faith, you can believe, you can dream. This reunion with my mom will give me a lot of strength to continue. your mother’s blessing,” he said.

Yordenis did not clarify in his message to which city or country he traveled to meet his mother. He He has lived in Las Vegas for five years, where he has a beautiful house that it is “paid in full”, as he recently confessed.

On other occasions, he has shared photos with his mother, as he did on Mother’s Day last year, when he sent a congratulatory message to all the mothers in the world.

“My admiration and my respect for all of you. Having your mom is a blessing, love her, take care of her, value her and thank God for having her. Mom is almost always right. Mom would never hesitate to give her life for you. My thoughts for those who do not have her alive and could not congratulate her,” she commented on her Instagram account.

The Cuban boxer is preparing with all his might for one of the most important challenges in his career.

Recently his great friend, the Cuban Major League Baseball player Aroldis Chapman, gave him some advice to successfully face the challenge that comes over him.

“The advice I always give him is to be focused and concentrated on what is coming now, which is a pretty strong fight. And nothing, the preparation, the work and the mentality,” he said.

The boxer is a very familiar man, and he shows this by relatively frequently sharing images with his young son.

In November, he assured being a good father is the most important battle you have in his life, in a message in which he was seen with his six-year-old son enjoying a Christmas atmosphere.

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