Youtuber Luisito Comunica enters the NFT investment and advises to be careful

Key facts:
  • Luisito Comunica says: NFTs show that everyone can make money if you know how to attract attention.

  • Beware that some can quickly drop in price or be a scam if they are not verified.

Luisito Comunica, who is one of the most followed content creators in the world with more than 37 million subscribers on YouTube, is getting into investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He said so on January 13 on his Instagram account, where he began to share the experience so that his followers can see how you can earn money with these assets that are all the rage lately.

In her Instagram stories, Luisito Comunica expressed that not only can you make money buying and selling NFT, but also creating one, something that is available to anyone. As an example, he showed a collection that especially caught his attention. This is “Ghozali Everyday”, a project by a 22-year-old who took a simple selfie every day for 4 years and sell each photo as an NFT on the OpenSea platform.

Luisito Comunica believes that anyone could make money launching their own NFTs if they can get noticed.

Ghozali Ghozalu, the creator of the collection, sold 331 NFTs in 3 days Y He said on Twitter: “I don’t even understand why you want to buy NFTs of my photos, but I thank you for 5 years of worthwhile effort.” Due to the growing demand for purchases, their prices rose from 0.001 ETH to 0.8 ETH, which converted from the ether currency to dollars, means that they went from USD USD 3 to more than USD 2,500, as revealed by the calculator. of CryptoNews.

Luisito Comunica testified about Ghozali Everyday: “This project shows that everyone can make money with NFT if you just know how to get noticed. It is about that, to make your project striking. It’s as brilliant as it is absurd. It’s very funny and a lot of people are making money from this. Why? Because something was found cool to this artistic project. Just as it used to be with art galleries, now it’s with NFT.”

After selling his entire collection, Ghozali Ghozalu said he is taking a few years off from OpenSea to create more NFTs. Source:

However, when Ghozali NFTs were trading at 0.8 ETH on January 12, Luisito said, “This is already a lot of money to me.” Y He stated that he believed that this project was going to go “downhill in a few days”, something that he effectively confirmed the next day, on January 13, when he saw that they had dropped to 0.6 ETH. “Good idea not to have bought”, he concluded by teaching his followers that you have to be careful because they can drop in price quickly.

Luisito Comunica shows how to avoid falling for an NFT scam

The youtuber gave another piece of advice to his followers interested in investing in NFTs. In addition to warning them that they should keep in mind that the price can drop quickly, he made them know that they must be careful not to fall for a scam. He precisely pointed out that before buying, you have to make sure that the NFT is real and original, not a replica.

As the Mexican youtuber Luisito Comunica says, imitations and plagiarism are one of the typical NFT scams reported by CriptoNoticias. That is why he recommended being cautious with the unverified collections of OpenSea, an NFT platform that has been the scene of different cases of theft and loss of money due to scams.

In order to explain this, the influencer He told his followers that he found out about the collection «RenderPunks» and decided not to buy at the premiere on January 12 because he didn’t like it that much. However, he confessed that he is already regretting it because in one day they tripled their value from USD 400 to USD 1,300 and he believes that they could continue to rise, although he does not plan to buy them.

About this, he commented: «One would say Luisito, why didn’t you dare? What made you doubt? I will explain. This RenderPunks collection is not yet verified, which means that if the number has not yet been verified on the blockchain, they could be duplicates.” Instead, there are other NFTs that are verified on OpenSea and are distinguished by having a tic or blue popcorn.

Knowing this, he said: «I am still a beginner in this matter, I am very fearful, I am very conservative. Why? Because if it is not verified, you can be scammed very easily. It is very easy to get scammed with these things, to steal your money, to disappear, but at the same time you are missing out on good offers (if they are real).

Luisito Comunica ended the topic by saying that he will continue to share his experience entering the world of NFTs because he sees that many of his followers are interested in learning.

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