11th Intel Core CPUs have been the most likely to fail

According to a study conducted by Puget Systems After collecting their data for the last three years (an American store that sells Custom PCs), the processors 11th Generation Intel Core (Rocket Lake-S), were by far the most likely CPUs to fail.

As indicated, these processors came to have a failure rate in their operation of 5.28 percent, followed by the AMD ThreadripperPro, with 2.48%, and the AMD Ryzen 5000 (2.02%). on the opposite side we have the Intel Xeon W-2200 Series, Intel Core 10th Gen and Intel Xeon Scalable 2nd Gen, all of them with very low error rates thanks to the use of a 14nm manufacturing process where the frequencies are not carried one end (like Rocket Lake).

CPU error rate

If we talk about graphics cards, the ones that failed the most were Nvidia QuadroRTX, GPUs oriented to the professional segment, with an error rate of 6.78%, being able to see how their most recent GPUs, the Nvidia RTX and GeForce RTX have a minimum failure rate, while their ‘Custom’ variants raise the percentage.

GPU error rate

To end, we have HDD/SSD storage units, revealing how the failure rate is negligible in any of the units tested, which makes it clear that it is one of the system components that is least likely to give us a problem.

error rate on HDDs and SSDs

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