A Cuban transsexual who participated in 11J is deported to the island from Turkey after a migratory odyssey

The Cuban LGBTI activist Shayra González Pernía, who has suffered a migratory odyssey after leaving Cuba for Russia in September of last year, was deported to the island from Turkey, where she remained stranded for days in an air terminal.

“I just spoke with Shayra González Pernía, at this moment is being deported to Cuba from Istanbul. Only those who have lived first-hand the persecution of a murderous government, of an orderly mafia such as the Cuban State, know the danger this woman runs when she returns to Cuba. I appeal to some kind of justice that I don’t know if it exists,” Darrell Caricaber Quesada, a friend of the activist, said on his Facebook profile.

The writer and also LGBTI activist Mel Herrera specified in an article in the independent magazine tremendous note that González Pernía remained in Moscow for nearly three months, surviving difficulties as an emigrant and a network of Cuban swindlers and thieves established there., which she herself denounced.

When the term that he could stay in the Eurasian country was about to expire, he bought a round-trip ticket to Cairo, Egypt. There he lived for about a month. Before the stay in the Egyptian capital expired, he bought two more round-trip tickets to Serbia with a transfer in Istanbul.

“So, when I travel from Cairo to Serbia, here in Istanbul they tell me that Cubans are prohibited from entering Serbia“He said in a video posted on social media.

The woman asked the Turkish airline what options she had. They explained that since she had already bought a return ticket to Cairo, they could exchange it for one to Russia, but in Russia they did not allow him to enter.

According to Gonzalez Pernia, Russian immigration authorities booked him, took his fingerprints and withdrew his passport.

“That’s when they put me on a flight – that they did do it for free – from Moscow to Istanbul, for the second time, me, a girl from Ukraine and a French Afro-descendant. Here I don’t have a passport or anything, I’ve been lying in the car for two days floor, I don’t take a bath, I don’t know where my luggage is, the first day I didn’t eat,” he lamented in a direct broadcast on cybercuba.

I fled (from Cuba) because after being in the 11J march the harassment with me was constant. Lieutenant Tania, at (the station in) Zanja, made me a yoghurt. I fled through Moscow,” said the young woman, who said she felt hatred for the communist ideology.

In another live broadcast that was censored and removed by Facebook, Shayra González undressed as a form of protest to demand that the Istanbul immigration authorities return her passport. The officials laughed while she, naked, recorded their faces, she said. tremendous note.

According to the LGBTI activist, in Cuba he has suffered harassment “a lifetime”.

“I have always been one of the transsexuals against injustice, against communism, against the dictatorship. I don’t know how I haven’t been imprisoned in Cuba. I say what I think in front of everyone, I was at the march on July 11, in Prado. I once called a march at the Ministry of Justice,” he added.

For the transsexual woman, July 11 was “one of the most beautiful days” of her life.

“I felt that, thanks to God, there were many Cubans waking up. And I was in the front march, well in front, and I felt everything so beautiful. I summoned the people who were on the balconies, ordered them to come down and join them. That was indescribable The next day everything was a terrifying silence, “he said.

According to his account, he could not sleep for several days. Said his friends were arrested, his twin sister was about to suffer the same fate. He saw the police take away neighbors who had participated in the protestsHe was afraid and his hair began to fall out.

“I couldn’t take it anymore and I told my sister in the United States: ‘please, pay me a ticket to Russia, because I know that I’m going to go to jail at any moment,'” he said. “When a trans is imprisoned, they put her with men, they shave her hair and experience terrible things, because being trans is a plus,” she said.

Now, back on the island, Shayra González Pernía faces a fear that she made very clear before: “I know that if I am deported to Cuba, entering the airport I will be arrested. Of that I am convinced”.

I just spoke with Shayra González Pernía, at this moment she is being deported to Cuba from Istanbul. Only who has…

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