Aislinn Derbez finally reveals how she met Jonathan Kubben: “I imagined him perfect”

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A couple of weeks ago Aislinn Derbez made public her relationship with the influencer and speaker Jonathan Kubben, after more than nine months of keeping it a secret.

Through her Instagram account, with a tender photo and an extensive dedication, the young actress shouted her love for Kubben to the world, after her marriage to the actor, Mauricio Ochmann, it will not work.

At the same time, Aislinn and her boyfriend gave an interview to the magazine “Who” in which they told how they met and what they felt the first time they saw each other.

“I was already following him on Instagram on his account called Mom I’m Fine, where he does crazy things around the world announcing to his mom that he’s fine, and I thought it was really funny. When my friend told me that he wanted to introduce me to him, I wasn’t ready, I needed time, because I was going through the process of my separation. A year and a half later, I told him that I was ready to meet him and that’s when he invited me to Tulum,” said the protagonist of “A la mala”.

Since I saw his photos I felt that I already knew him, that I already knew what his personality was like and I imagined him perfect“, he added.

Everything seems to indicate that the interest was mutual, since Jonathan Kubben, once he knew of the existence of Aislinn Derbez, tried to interact with her.

“About six months before we met in person, she didn’t peel me that much. Colder, impossible!… I tried once when I replied to a story on Instagram and he didn’t answer me, So I said: ‘I’d better leave it’, but he gave me likes on my photos. I was very confused,” he said.

Finally, in order to have more interaction between them, Kubben suggested that they play with some cards in order to get to know her better and in this way they could talk every day.

“I proposed to play a game called We’re Not Really Strangers, which are cards to get to know another person in a profound way. I lived in Belgium and had no idea who Aislinn Derbez was. So we used to do that every day: a random question to find out the values ​​of the other person, and the truth is that we liked our answers and started talking daily“, he concluded.

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