Aislinn Derbez talks about the relationship between her boyfriend Jonathan Kubben and her daughter Kailani

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Almost two years after her separation from Mauricio Ochmann, Aislinn Derbez is surprised by the way her daughter Kailani accepted the relationship that his parents now have with other people, Well, he already lives not only with jonathan kubben but also with Paulina Burrola, the actor’s current girlfriend.

“The truth is that It has been super cute, very naturally. Kai is very small, then you don’t even have prejudices. I feel that my separation from Mau was very healthy, we always got along well and there were no lawsuits,” he explained in an interview for Who magazine.

For Aislinn Derbez the changes that Kailani experienced with the separation of their parents they were never so notorious because at the time they always tried to ensure that the relationship continued in the most normal way possible.

“She never really saw a difference between her dads because we both worked a lot and every time I was with him or with me. Maybe he noticed that we weren’t hugging each other anymore, but apart from that, he was pretty much the same. There began to be other couples and she already knows Mau’s girlfriend, she already knows my boyfriend and it has been very natural“, he added.

Jonathan Kubben admires the healthy relationship between Aislinn and Mauricio Ochmann

Finally, in the same conversation was present, Jonathan Kubben who said he admired the healthy way in which Aislinn and Mauricio they ended their relationship and remain in communication for the sake of little Kailani.

“They have a very good relationship, they talk to each other, talk and help each other every day. What a life lesson to think that things can be like this because both of them are thinking that they have a common goal, which is that the girl is well. and they make everything work for Kai’s sake,” he stated.

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