Alfredo Adame does not know the children he fathered with his ex-wife and assures that they do not carry his blood

Alfredo Adame / Mexico Agency

Alfredo Adame / Mexico Agency

Alfredo Adame has once again given controversial statements about his children Diego, Sebastián and Alejandro Adame Banquells, as well as his ex-partner Mary Paz Banquells.

Ruling out again a possible reconciliation with the young people, now the controversial driver assured that his offspring are not his blood relatives.

There is no relationship, they are not my children and there is no relationship. They are not my children, they do not carry my blood and they are not my children. I do not know them completely and I disinherited them for a year”, Said the actor to the journalists who were waiting for him outside Televisa San Ángel.

While a reporter questioned the reason for his statements, Alfredo, visibly upset with the subject, only added: “because I don’t want them to be my children, I don’t know, but my blood is not like that.”

Alfredo Adame with Mary Paz Banquells and children / Agencia México

Alfredo Adame with Mary Paz Banquells and children / Agencia México

Together, the driver also stressed that he will not give any of his assets to Mary Paz despite having been married for 25 years. “We are already divorced, nothing else remains for the division of property, which does not touch her, because I am married for separate property, and she never put a peso in half and the pension, fix it.”

As will be remembered, Alfredo Adame stays away from his children, whom he decided to take out of his will, after the eldest of them confronted him during the divorce process with Banquells; he allegedly rejected the youngest of them due to his sexual orientation; while his second son walked away to support his two brothers.

Despite all this controversy, in a recent interview for windowing, Adame did not rule out giving himself a new opportunity in love, although he asked for a woman “with values”, arguing that he had had a very bad time in his last two marriages; Mary Paz Banquells (1992 to 2017) and Diana Golden (1988-1990).


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