American Airlines asks Miss Universe Olivia Culpo not to wear “inappropriate clothing” on flight

American Airlines.

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Olivia Culpo, crowned Miss Universe in 2012, was forced to cover her torso to get on a plane after the company American Airlines will classify the attire he was wearing as “inappropriate clothing”. How did the events unfold? Here we tell you.

According to the statements of the model’s sister, it all happened when she and her family were about to fly to Cabo San Lucas. During her wait to board the plane, she was told by airline staff that she would have to “put on a blouse” to be allowed access.

But what was the outfit that shocked American Airlines? Thanks to the Instagram stories shared by the sister of Olivia Culpo, it is appreciated that the former Miss Universe wore tight black biker-style shorts, and a sports top showing a bit of her abdomen. She wore a matching dark cardigan that reached below her knees, covering up the supposed “excess skin”.

Apparently this was not enough for the airline, as they asked her to change her clothes in order to travel to her destination: “They asked her to go to the counter and told her to put a blouse on, otherwise she would not be able to get on the plane. plane,” said his sister Aurora Culpo.

To the story, the influencer added evidence that the “request” was addressed only to her sister despite the fact that another of the passengers wore a similar outfit: “She (the woman in the blue sports outfit) looks beautiful and they don’t like her.” It doesn’t matter, but she (Olivia) has to cover up,” she added.

Hours later, Olivia Culpo decided not to miss the opportunity to expose the situation to her millions of followers on Instagram, so he shared his sister’s stories through his profile. This fact triggered the anger of his fans, which caused international media to monopolize the news.

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