Chinese Olympic athletes receive more than 2,000 uniforms made in the region involved in the controversy over alleged forced labor


14 Jan 2022 20:12 GMT

The ski suits, gloves, hats and ear protectors were made from cotton and camel hair from Xinjiang.

Chinese athletes who will participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics received earlier this month over 2,000 games of uniforms manufactured in Xinjiang, the autonomous region in the west of the country where forced labor is allegedly carried out.

According to local media, the outfits, which include ski suits, gloves, hats and ear protectors, were made with cotton and camel hair from the area. The presentation of the uniforms was carried out by a textile company based in Habahe County, in northern Xinjiang.

China assures that the countries that diplomatically boycott the JJ.OO.  Beijing Winter "they will pay a price"

“We have assembled the best designs, the best external and internal technologies and the best raw materials in Xinjiang,” said Li Haihong, general manager of the company.

For his part, the deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Jiang Shicai, called the manufacture of the uniforms a recognition of the “product processing technology” of the region, adding that is considered as “the contribution from Xinjiang to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics”, which will be held in the Chinese capital between February 4 and 20.

However, the region became the focus of attention when China was accused of violating the human rights of ethnic and religious minorities, especially uyghurs, a predominantly Muslim group from Xinjiang, and subjecting them to forced labor and other ill-treatment.

Last month, the US announced that it would not send “any diplomatic or official representation” to the sporting event, a boycott which was joined by Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan. Likewise, the US president, Joe Biden, promulgated a law that prohibits the importation of articles manufactured in Xinjiang due to the alleged use of forced labor, an accusation continuously denied by Beijing.

For his part, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi assured that those who supported the boycott “they will pay a price” for their “wrong acts”, while recalling that “sports have nothing to do with politics. According to Beijing, its policies are aimed at combating extremism and not at perpetrating ‘genocide’ or forcing the population to do forced labor.

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