Chyno Miranda could be hospitalized in Venezuela after a strong relapse

It seems that Chyno Mirandato He is admitted to a hospital in Venezuela after a relapse that required emergency medical supervision.

According to the statements of the reporter from “The fat and the skinny”, Tanya Charry, the singer had to return to his country where he is being treated by specialists, due to his already delicate state of health after suffering peripheral neuropathy in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19.

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At this time we can confirm that “Chyno” is in Venezuela under the care of his mother”, assured the Univision journalist.

Let us remember that since last September, the Venezuelan moved away from social networks, since they were affecting his mental health due to the numerous comments about his separation with the also Venezuelan, Natasha Araos.

Although many question that he could be treated in Venezuela due to the economic situation that country is going through, Charry commented that there he would be accompanied by his mother, Alcira Pérez, since the interpreter of “My pretty girl” is already divorced from the mother of his son Luca.

In the program Gossip No Like, the drivers Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, also spoke about the news but detailing that the singer is alone with a nurse.

There are strong rumors that he is hospitalized with a delicate situation, and this would be in Venezuela. He’s alone with a nurse”, they commented.

They also said that “Chyno’s decline is serious, because now he is paying for what he did to Natasha with his body. And suddenly after Covid he was left with many consequences and with a delicate illness that kept him from having to learn to walk, talkBeristain said.

According to Javier, Doña Alcira Pérez can only visit him twice a week.

Chyno’s relationship status

After the singer managed to recover a better state of health after months in hospital, through a video posted on social networks, he was honest with his fans and next to his ex-wife, revealed that both had been separated for a year. due to an infidelity committed by him.

This sparked a scandal on social networks, to the point where he decided to stay away from the networks to take care of his mental health and be able to recover 100%.

However, his name was still in the eye of the hurricane as it was rumored that he had a new girlfriend named Daymar Mora. Even in his last appearance on the “Marko” podcast, called “La Nave”, the singer confirmed that he did have a girlfriend and, in fact, was there.

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