Cuban actress Camila Arteche returns to Havana

The young Cuban actress and presenter Camila Arteche returned to Havana, Cuba, to reunite with her family, especially her grandmother whom she had not seen or hugged for two years.

The artist shared, through her social networks, a short video of the moment in which, between tears, they celebrate the reunion.

“Two years without seeing you my old lady. My favorite person in the universe. Only I know how happy it makes me to have you grandmother I love you that my soul lights up”, Arteche wrote along with the audiovisual that allowed the song “My favorite person” to be heard, performed by the Cuban Camila Cabello and the Spanish Alejandro Sanz.

“What a joy Cami, how rich, if my grandmother lived, but in life I gave her all the love I could and I keep that memory. Enjoy your family, blessings”; “Oh, how I cried, I haven’t seen mine for two years, enjoy it a lot,” some of his followers told him.

“No one knows how hard the distance is until it touches you up close, the family is sacred”; “Oh Cami, I was moved, we know how much you love those two women and drink it for God life. Happy that you are enjoying them, lots of hugs, ”added others.

On several occasions, the actress has made reference to the love she feels for her grandmother. In January 2020 and on his birthday, he dedicated a moving text to him on his official Instagram account that reads:

“The way I look at you is my purest way of looking. My first and last thought of the day is dedicated to you. There is no one who gives me more than what you have given me since I was born, here I am for you always my beautiful grandmother. Love you! Happy Birthday! #87”.

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