Do you have symptoms of COVID-19? The Ministry of Health indicates when you should go to the health services

Some people who have presented symptoms are unaware of the procedure in these cases, and they ask themselves, should I attend the health services or not? EFE/ Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda
Some people who have presented symptoms are unaware of the procedure in these cases, and they ask themselves, should I attend the health services or not? EFE/ Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

Colombia is experiencing the fourth wave of COVID-19 infections and daily cases continue to increase, this is largely due to the omicron variant and its high transmission capacity. That is why some people who have presented symptoms do not know what to do in these cases, and they wonder, Should I attend health services or not?.

The director of Epidemiology and Demography of the Ministry of Health, Julián Fernández Niño, announced In which cases people should attend health services in person, this in order that only cases that require immediate medical attention can be attended to as soon as possible.

For the Ministry of Health, it is very important that all people who present symptoms are clear at what time they should go, in person, to the health services, since, “This acceleration of infections also represents a challenge to the health system.”

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“Let’s remember to attend health services, only if we have warning signs such as, respiratory distress, a very high fever that does not subside, excessive vomiting or, in general, any alteration in the state of consciousness. Any warning sign that makes evident the need to consult the doctor in person, ”said Julián Fernández.

Regarding people who do not present the warning signs, but have other milder symptoms, the director of Epidemiology and Demography stated that, “the recommendation is not to attend health services in person to avoid congestion at the entrance doors. Y ask for home or virtual care”.

He further added that, “all people with respiratory symptoms must isolate immediately, regardless of your vaccination status or age. This is how we contribute to cutting the chains of transmission.”

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He invited people to maintain preventive measures such as the correct use of face masks, constant hand washing and maintaining good ventilation in closed spaces. He also called on people to get vaccinated or complete their vaccination schedules with the booster dose.

“We must increase the speed of application of the booster dose. Let us remember that all those over 18 years of age who have completed their vaccination scheme 4 months ago or more, can apply it now, protect yourself better and protect others“, he claimed.

Regarding the new variant, which already predominates by more than 90% in Colombia, he stated that, “ómicron generates challenges for the health system but we have tools to face it. Although it is less severe, it does not mean that it does not hurt. It especially affects the unvaccinated, those who do not have a booster vaccine or whose vaccination schedule is incomplete.

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The new variant, which first appeared in November, in a short time it has managed to reach many countries around the world due to its rapid level of spread. Since then, the WHO and different health entities around the world have determined what the most common symptoms are, taking into account that many of them could resemble those of a common flu. These are the symptoms:


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