Ecuador was chosen as one of the 10 best countries to live after retiring this 2022 | Ecuador | News

International Living magazine gives American retirees options to live their retirement. Ecuador stood out in the middle of the list, find out why.

The prestigious North American tourism magazine, International Livingpublished the list of best positioned countries to retire in 2022.

six nations of South America make up the select group of most attractive places, in which Ecuador is included.

The list of withdrawal countries International Living is a comprehensive survey in which countries aim to help american retirees to choose a quality place for the years of his retirement.

Our index is based on hundreds of opinions and real-life experiences (information) collected by our trusted sources on the best retirement destinations around the world

Explain the magazine.

“Sell your winter clothes…and get ready to the adventure of your life in the Land of Eternal Spring. Every cliche you’ve ever heard of living large with little… even with the budget of a retiree… it is true in Ecuador”, thus begins the presentation of the country in the original publication of the international magazine.

Sea lions swim near Los Marinos beach, on August 21, 2021, on San Cristóbal Island, Galapagos Archipelago (Ecuador). EFE/Elías L. Benarroch
Photo: EFE

Although several features stand out, such as weather, location and more, the biodiversity we have is one of the most highlighted to readers.

Imagine the location of your dreams: a pristine beach, a bustling city, a university town, a quiet mountain town, Ecuador has them all

International Living

Just as the variety of fruits and vegetables, and the mild climate throughout the year, one of the interests of retirees is medical care, for which the magazine explains that in metropolitan areas it is top-notch with “costs of a fraction than I would pay in North America.”

Five national parks in the Sierra to visit in Ecuador

They also mention special services for residents 65 years of age or older, such as half price public transport, and that the airfare –nationally or internationally– has the respective discount for people of legal age.

Pros and Cons of Life in Ecuador for US Retirees

Since 2008, some 200 homes have been bought by foreign pensioners in Cuenca, in which some 800 Americans live, such as Edward Sites (i), a 63-year-old retiree.

The magazine details that anyone considering moving abroad must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages, some of which they mention of the target country are:


  • Variety of places to choose from
  • Low cost of living compared to North America

10 recommended towns to visit in Ecuador


  • You must learn Spanish since citizens generally do not speak English fluently
  • There is no variety of seasons as Americans are used to

Jim Santos, the author of this section, says that he often hears beliefs about the nation, since the North Americans would see Ecuador “as a quite backward countryCharming, to be sure, but aside from a few big cities, a nation steeped in the past.” What he refutes:

Over the past decade, Ecuador’s middle class has been expanding, and it seems like everywhere you turn there’s new construction going on.

Ecuador leaves the level that recommended Americans not to come to the country in the midst of the pandemic

And the reasons behind?

Taken from Tourism Cuenca.

International Living explains that, whether to live, invest, vacation or retire, in the country you will find the combination “climate, culture and affordability to make your dreams come trues”.

They even made an infographic exposing ten reasons why they should live in it:

Image shared in the international magazine. Photo:

The most famous swings in Ecuador to take a picture

  • Enjoy the Eternal Spring, in the year they are around 77º in the capital of Quito as well as in the highlands of Ecuador. You don’t need heat or air conditioning.
  • You’ll never be far from the ones you love, flights from the United States to Ecuador are four hours.
  • Ecuador is one of the three best retirement places in the world according to IL’s Annual Global Retirement Index during 8 years in a row.
  • Ecuador has a low cost of living. An American retired couple can live well for $1,500 to $2,000 dollars per month.
  • The official currency of the country is the dollar American.
  • Forget the high cost of health. Get good medical care cities like Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca.

Ecuador could earn $120 million annually from wedding tourism; promotion is still lacking, say business owners

  • Count on special benefits for retirees, available for retired foreigners: 50% discount in tickets for cultural events or sports, as well as for public or private transport, and water and electricity forms.
  • Ecuador has the prices lower real estate of the world.
  • With the money a person saves from the low cost of living, it is possible pamper yourself with a 75-minute massage for just $22. Or enjoy a delicious lunch for $2.50.

Ecuador already adds 21 Magical Towns for tourism

  • For all there’s a place you can call home in Ecuador. It is a country where you can easily travel from a jungle full of exotic birds and flowers, to divine beaches where the only footprints in the sand will be your own. up to one sophisticated city with real cultural appeal. (I)

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