Excess weight is combated with exercise and a balanced diet

If 10-year-old Carla’s parents keep filling her with processed foods You will soon have your first menstrual cycle. She already has a developed bust and his mother looked for a specialist.

After analyzing her weight, height and age, nutritionist Allison Santillán determined that this change in her Body is a product of his obesity. Also to avoid the presence of facial and pubic hair ahead of time, the whole family will have to modify their habits.

Gone are the five daily vitamin C gummies, milk with added sugar, and excess fritters. Each one of those gummies, mentions the expert in Child nutrition, reaches 10 grams of sugar, the suggested daily maximum.

Instead of those processed, the pantry will have to be filled with natural products Y nutritious, to, little by little, introduce them into the daily diet of Carla.

“Fat tissues are precursors of hormones. When there is an excess, in the case of girls, a greater amount of estrogen is produced”, explains Santillán.

Maria Luisa Felix, pediatrician and professor at the University UTE, says that in addition to the hormonal changes, overweight children –obesity or overweight– they are easy prey diseases like diabetes. Many also have trouble sleeping.

That epidemic, he says, increased after the pandemic of covid-19This is what studies show. In a latest published in the medical journal JAMA, researchers found a 9% increase in obesity in children aged 5 to 11 years, with an average weight increase of 5 pounds in the health emergency.

To avoid sudden changes in the feeding of the kids, especially the older ones, the nutritionist Gabriela Caicedo suggests letting them select the fruit Y vegetables of your preference.

change habits

That is the first step to achieving a healthy lifestyle. Experts suggest minimizing
the intake of processed foods.

review labels

Nutritional tables contain valuable information. Avoid products with more than three ingredients; many contain dyes.

avoid supplements

These products are recommended for children with nutrient deficiencies. Healthy ‘little ones’ are satisfied with the macro and micronutrients they obtain from their diet.

Getting active is key

The World Health Organization suggests 60 minutes of activity for children. Exercise also strengthens your bones and joints.

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